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is father, Bélico III, was one of the last stallions bred by Terry's widow, the son of Habanero XI, one of the horses that has had a significant influence on the current 'bocado' iron horses. Bélico III won the gold medal at the 1983 Spanish championship in Pineda (Seville). In 1988, he became the breed champion at the Balearic championship. He did not participate in more championships. His mother, Cuerda, was a mare from the stud of José Luis Marín García in Huelva, Breed Champion in 1987 and 1996 at the Balearic championship. She was an exceptionally strong mare, descending from Albero II on the paternal line and Yaca III on the maternal line, both ancestors highly sought after by breeders today. She is the mother of Bruma IX, Faraona, and Campera, mares that have been pillars in our stud. Judío VII is a stallion with a height of 164 cm, with a perfect combination of breed, strength, and movements. Recognized as one of the best specimens of the breed, he has been used as a stallion by leading studs nationally and internationally, covering high-quality mares, some of which are Spain's champions.

Judío VII tiene más de 370 hijos algunos de ellos ganando importantes premios en los concursos morfológicos del circuito ANCCE</h5>Los campeones jóvenes de España Lanzado de Ymas, Jalapeño de Trujillo y la campeona del mundo Entrega Mater son hijos suyos, Primavera Batan campeona del mundo 2019 es nieta. Los hijos de Judío VII han sido campeones en diferentes países como EE. UU, México, Nicaragua, Inglaterra, Francia, Suecia, Costa Rica, Colombia, Bélgica, Holanda, España, etc. en la actualidad está considerado uno de los sementales más importantes e influyentes ya que transmite a sus hijos muchas de sus virtudes dando productos de gran calidad.

Judío VII (único caballo tres veces subcampeón de España)


In 1997, he won the gold medal for 1-year-old colts at the Balearic Championship, recognized for the best movements in his category and as the best specimen born and raised in the Balearic Islands. (Did not participate in more competitions). In 1998, he earned the gold medal for 2-year-old colts at the Balearic Championship. (Did not participate in more competitions). In 1999, he was awarded the gold medal for 3-year-old colts at the Balearic Championship. (Did not participate in more competitions). In 2000, he received the gold medal for young stallions and was the runner-up in Spain at the championship held at ECUMAD 2000 (Madrid). He was also the breed champion at the Balearic Championship.

In 2001, he won the gold medal for young stallions and was the breed champion at the Balearic Championship. Additionally, he achieved the runner-up position in overall functionality. He received the silver medal in the 4 and 5-year-old stallions category and was the runner-up at the ANCCE Spain Championship in SICAB (Seville). In 2002, he did not participate in any competitions.

In 2003, he achieved the gold medal for 6 and 7-year-old stallions, became the functionality champion, and secured the breed championship at the Balearic Championship. He also earned the 4th position in the 6 and 7-year-old stallions category at the SICAB Spain Championship (Seville). In 2004, he did not participate in any competitions. In 2005, he won the gold medal for stallions aged 7 and above and became the breed champion in Oviedo. He secured the 2nd position in the 7 and above-year-old stallions category and was the runner-up at the ANCCE Spain Championship in SICAB (Seville).

In 2004, 2005, and 2006, he won all classical dressage tests in the Balearic circuit, reaching the Grand Prix level. He represented ANCCE at the CAVALLI FAIR in Verona 2007 (Italy). With more than 370 registered offspring, 146 of them have achieved, to date, a total of 367 medals—180 gold, 118 silver, 69 bronze, including 1 world champion, 1 world runner-up (section), 2 Spanish champions, 2 Spanish runner-ups (section), 1 Colombian champion, 1 Belgian champion, 2 Dutch champions, 1 Mexican champion, 1 Nicaraguan champion, 1 English champion, 1 French champion, 26 top-ten finishes in SICAB, 78 breed champions, 38 breed runner-ups, 81 movement champions, 20 absolute functionality champions, and 7 absolute functionality runner-ups.

These statistics position Judío VII as one of the best stallions in the recent history of the Pure Spanish Horse. Judío VII passed away in February 2015, leaving a legacy of more than 350 offspring. His lineage is secure for the future, as the Vilaire stud retains over 2,000 doses of frozen semen from this outstanding stallion. The stud has already welcomed foals born from frozen semen after Judío VII's death. The Vilaire family has made the decision not to sell any more semen from the horse.

List of studs that have offspring from Judío VII:

🇳🇮 Cortijo la Z – Nicaragua

🇳🇮 Cortijo San Miguel – Nicaragua

🇳🇱 Dirk Van Hove – Holanda

🇳🇮 Ismael Reyes Mejia – Nicaragua

🇨🇷 Ganadería André Garnier – Costa Rica

🇨🇷 Ganadería Jocha – Costa Rica

🇪🇸 Hacienda de la rosa – España

🇸🇪 Stall Jdyll – Suecia

🇪🇸 Javier Ladrón de Guevara – España

🇪🇸 Yeguada Vilaire – España

🇪🇸 Juan Carlos Padilla Garcia – España

🇪🇸 Antonio Guerra Chacon – España

🇪🇸 Yeguada Anguas Medina – España

🇪🇸 Yeguada Carlos Delgado – España

🇪🇸 Yeguada Can Maynou – España

🇪🇸 Yeguada Ferrero – España

🇪🇸 Yeguada Conde Gallardo – España

🇪🇸 Yeguada Pedro Pons – España

🇪🇸 Yeguada Eusebio Cano González – España

🇪🇸 Yeguada Urquijo – España

🇪🇸 Yeguada Hermanos Muñoz – España

🇺🇸 Yeguada Monbrook farm – EE.UU

🇪🇸 Yeguada Hermanos Tejedor Fernández – España

🇪🇸 Yeguada Sierra de Guadalupe – España

🇪🇸 Yeguada JJ Montes – España

🇪🇸 Yeguada Doña Felisa – España

🇪🇸 Yeguada Juan Tirado Agudo – España

🇲🇽 Yeguada San Francisco – México

🇪🇸 Yeguada la Aldara – España

🇪🇸 Yeguada Nigorra Cobian – España

🇪🇸 Yeguada los Alcores – España

🇪🇸 Yeguada la ciervina – España

🇪🇸 Yeguada Mater Christi – España

🇪🇸 Yeguada el recuerdo – España

🇪🇸 Yeguada Molero Malo – España

🇪🇸 Yeguada la Angostura – España

🇪🇸 Yeguada Montull Palacios – España

🇪🇸 Yeguada Domenech – España

🇪🇸 Yeguada Moran – España

🇪🇸 Yeguada Plaza de Armas – España

🇺🇸 Yeguada Mortenson – USA

🇪🇸 Yeguada Azahar – España

🇪🇸 Yeguada Querencias – España

🇪🇸 Yeguada la Gallarda – España

🇪🇸 Yeguada Rafael Conde – España

🇺🇸 Yeguada Trujillo – EE.UU

🇬🇧 Yeguada Rodia – Reino Unido

🇨🇷 Yeguada Jocha – Costa-Rica

🇪🇸 Yeguada Sanchez-Noriega – España

🇺🇸 Placeres Ranch – EE.UU

🇪🇸 Yeguada Vara Muñoz Casillas – España

🇧🇪 Yeguada Defooz – Bélgica

🇪🇸 Yeguada Vidal Ripoll – España

🇪🇸 Yeguada Mayes – España

🇲🇽 Yeguada Villa Gely – México

🇪🇸 Yeguada Centurión – España

🇪🇸 Yeguada Ymas – España

🇪🇸 Yeguada San Fernando-La Macarena – España