Our stud was founded in 1980 by Mr. Narciso Vilaire, nowadays it is managed by his heirs, his son Samuel Vilaire has a wide experience in the horse world, he is a regional judge of cowboy dressage and has participated in numerous equestrian modalities, dressage, raids, harness, gallop races, etc.

Always using horses from their stables, the stud is composed of approximately 22 brood mares, which have been scrupulously selected, the stallions they currently cover have been carefully tested and tested to ensure that their products meet our requirements, for years we have rigorously discarded all the specimens that did not exceed our expectations.

The current nucleus is made up of homogeneous animals, coming from the origins that have given us the best results. Today our products have their own identity and their genotype and phenotype are perfectly consolidated.


The specimens of the Vilaire stud are appreciated for their breed, strength and hardiness.

The specimens of the Vilaire stud are appreciated for their breed strength and hardiness, the Vilaire breeders are being used in important studs in Europe and America as "raceadores", that is to say, specimens that transmit and fix in their offspring the typical characteristics of the racial prototype of the purebred Spanish horse.

The first mare of the stud was acquired in 1980, she was Uraña II, from the iron of Mr. Manuel de la calle, in 1986 the mares of Mr. José Luís Marín Garcia "Cuerda" and "Canuta" were incorporated. In 1987 the Fragosa IV mare was incorporated and the stud was reinforced with the purchase of the stallions "Bélico III" and "Ibérico VIII" owned by Rumasa. "Bélico III" was one of the last stallions bred by Terry's widow, gold medal in the Spanish Championship, son of "Habanero XI", one of the lines we were most interested in. Bélico III has been a very important stallion in the stud, since he transmitted beauty, racial fidelity and strength to his offspring.

We have never selected horses based on coat criteria, but on quality. Over the years there are many horses that have given us satisfaction, in the Balearic championships we have won more than 20 champions of the breed. At the national level we stand out obtaining a junior champion prize in Ecumad 2000, three runner-up prizes in Spain with the horse "Judío VII" and a runner-up prize in Spain with "Bruma IX", this mare has won more than 10 championships of the breed in different competitions of the ANCCE circuit, our horse Jalapeño de Trujillo was proclaimed champion of young Spain in 2. 012 and runner-up in the world for 5 and 6 year old stallions at SICAB 2015.

This balance is very satisfactory for us since we do not usually compete in peninsular morphological competitions due to insularity problems.

The specimens of our stud are currently covering elite stud farms, the blood of Vilaire horses is being incorporated into many stud farms as a guarantee of success, our stallion Judío VII is currently considered one of the most proven and effective stallions, his offspring are of great quality and racial fidelity. Proof of this is that the two young Spanish champions of 2012 and 2013 are his offspring and the first world champion of 2015, Entrega Mater.

The children of Judio VII

The offspring in competition of our stallion Judío VII have won up to the year 2015, 314 medals, 159 gold, 97 silver and 58 bronze. 2 Young Spanish Champions, 1 World Champion, 2 Spanish runners-up, 1 Colombian Champion, 1 Mexican runner-up, 1 Honduran Champion, 1 Nicaraguan Champion, 1 Belgian Champion, 2 Dutch Champions, 1 British Champion, 1 French Champion, 26 top ten in SICAB, 78 breed championships and 38 breed runners-up.

objectives and goals

Our goal is to achieve a differentiated product, to give our horses an added value, in our case we offer tested specimens, only a small percentage of the products are offered for sale, after passing a scrupulous selection.

The challenge of Yeguada Vilaire is to offer products that meet the expectations of our customers, adjusting the price-quality ratio to the maximum. Thanks to this we have managed to export our production to countries such as Germany, England, Austria and the United States. Being the loyalty of our customers the greatest of our achievements.